Hunted fish summary

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What's it all about:

The agonizing pain of every-years count of hunted (captured) fishs in the lakes and rivers of KoŇ°ice made me create this application.


It's a lot like Excel, but with one minor change. Values you write into cells are not overwriting each other, but instead they adds to one another. That way there is no need to count numbers manually and only thing you need to do is write them right where they belong. Program is written in Java 1.5 using Eclipse 3.2.

In the beginning, user has a choise whether to open existing "sumar" or create one. You can also edit default setting of fishes and set of lakes/rivers in given region. Application also supports preview of generated tables and export to Excel (done by exporting xml file).


summary - screenshot change of default fishs and lakes/rivers summary - preview of sumamry to export summary - working with summary

Final version (

fish summary - runnable version

This version is fully runnable in final status. Some thing has changed, like fish codes or full names during editing, float numbers instead of integers for weight. For running this, you need at least Java runtime environment (JRE) 1.5 installed. In windows systems you can run summary with run.bat, on Linux systems by running ./run