Smash and Break

What's it all about:

Smash, destroy and break all the bricks!


I've build this application using Idea IntelliJ and Android SDK.


Remember all the fun you had with Pong, Arkanoid and others like them? There's simply something on that feeling to completely destroy the level.

In this game a lots of brick breaking fun awaits you. Control paddle by tapping or dragging your finger on screen. The goal is to clean the level of all the bricks on top. To do that you have to bounce the ball off the paddle and try to keep the ball onscreen. If it falls, doesn't matter - you have plenty of lives.

Collect various bonuses and credits, but beware of anti-bonuses that will try to make your life miserable.

Game contains level editor using which you can make your own level packs and share them with the world. The only limit is your own imagination. Create one-theme level packs or just mixture of levels - something that just comes into your mind. Choice is yours!


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