Plumber Reloaded

What's it all about:

Plumber game for all ages!


I've build this application using Idea IntelliJ and Android SDK.


Simple, fun, addicting fast thinking logic game. As a Plumber you have to connect color pipes without crossing paths. Plumber Reloaded is a game of logic, fast thinking and perception. Goal of game is to connect every two elements of the same color with pipes. No problem, right? Well, the problem is, that pipes you draw cannot cross each other, you are limited to grid and moreover you have time running fast. More than 200 levels and global leaderboards!


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Plumber Reloaded 01 Plumber Reloaded 02 Plumber Reloaded 03 Plumber Reloaded 04 Plumber Reloaded 05 Plumber Reloaded 06 Plumber Reloaded 07 Plumber Reloaded 07


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