Kamikaze Attack!

What's it all about:

Try to stay alive as long as you can in enemy territory.


I've build this application using Idea IntelliJ and Android SDK.


Fly various aircrafts over the enemy territory. Luckily for you, enemies are out of ammo. However their hatred for you is too much to handle and they decided for kamikaze attacks.

Tilt the device to avoid enemies. Or shoot them with a rocket. Collect credits that can be used for upgrading your plane or buying new one. Don't forget to collect fuel, or the sky fall is inevitable and you'll be dead in a while. Other items include temporary invincibility, extra life or rockets.

Try to stay alive as long as you can and compare your scores with friends!

New category of game - endless flyer with RPG elements. You can upgrade life, speed and ammo. Unlock different backgrounds. Includes engaging rock soundtrack that will help you play like a pro! Simple but addictive gameplay!


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Kamikaze Attack! 01 Kamikaze Attack! 02 Kamikaze Attack! 03 Kamikaze Attack! 04 Kamikaze Attack! 05 Kamikaze Attack! 06


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