Interval Training Timer

What's it all about:

Interval Training Timer is an invaluable tool for all interested in workout, run, cycling, sprint, tabata, weightlifting, hiit and many more.


I've build this application using Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT plugin.


It allows you to set own training schedule with various number of rounds, ready time, round and rest times and relax time after workout. It is also possible to create dynamic training plans in which every round and rest time can be longer or shorter. Import and Export your training plans or share them with the world!

Other features:

  • Log your trainings
  • Gain awards as you workout
  • Set own sounds and vibrations
  • Import and Export to SD card
  • Download and Upload of trainings to the Internet


If you have something to say to me about this app do so here.


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Icon: Download from Android Market, search for "Interval Training Timer", developer version with ADs
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