What's it all about:

Hexagon is the next big thing in casual gaming since the invention of Angry Birds ;)


I've build this application using Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT plugin.


Level consists of honeycomb like area filled with hexagons. You shoot colour hexagons to clear the play area. When 3 and more hexagons of same colour touches, they fall down. Win the level by clearing whole honeycomb field.
This game takes the best of bubble shooting games like Frozen Bubble, mixes it with marble shooters aspect found in Luxor or Bonsai Blast and pushes it to the max. That ensures there are lots of details you'll find as you progress through the game.

Other features:

  • 5 different themes
  • more than 600 levels
  • various control settings
  • OpenFeint integration
  • online leader boards
  • 16 achievements
  • addictive and fun


If you have something to say to me about this app do so here.


Hexagon Hexagon Hexagon Hexagon Hexagon


Icon: Download from Android Market, Slideme.org or AndroidPit.com search for "Hexagon", developer halmi.sk
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