What's it all about:

I thought it would be cool to learn how to program something for yet another platform. Android was the decision. This is simple currency converter (exchange rates).


I've build this application using Eclipse, Android SDK and ADT plugin.


There are basically 3 different screens (as depicted below). First is where all conversions take place. Second is list of all available currencies, and the third is edit/new currency screen. Among main functionalities of this application belongs:

  • 4 independent currencies selectors (you can use everyone of them as main)
  • updates currencies from European Central Bank, additional sources and RSS feeds
  • update scheduler
  • onscreen keyboad with big keys
  • all rates of currencies selected flashs before your eyes
  • favorite currencies (you can select 4 and quickly return to them by loading them)
  • possibility to select base currency (all rates in list view are based on this currency)
  • select which currencies are updateable (you can decide that you don't want to update some of them)
  • select which currencies are available in conversion (by setting ACTIVE status) without deleting them
  • insert/update/delete of currencies

update 1.5.0 brought:

  • Updates of exchange rates via RSS feeds.
  • Filter in currencies list - by typing on HW keyboard or pressing search button and then typing on software keyboard you can filter currencies.
  • Graphics and layouts were updated.

update 1.4.1 brought:

  • Manual insert / update of currency and update checker related bug fixes (minor)

update 1.4.0 brought:

  • Automatic check for updates can be enabled in preferences
  • Date of last update is shown in the Title of Mainscreen

update 1.3.1 brought:

  • Added link to tutorial during first run, minor bug fixes

update 1.3.0 brought:

  • Changed "About" screen - added: Change log and Tutorial

update 1.2.0 brought:

  • Chinese (traditional and simplified)

update 1.1.2 brought:

  • if you press backspace longer it erases all 4 values, not just one you edit
  • switched flags for INR and IDR, thanks to user "B.R.S."

update 1.1.1 brought:

  • Checks if network is available before trying to update
  • Checks for network problems during update

update 1.1.0 brought:

  • new Options screen (update sources, decimal point)
  • with additional sources 18 new currencies added (mtl, ars, bnd, clp, cop, ils, isk, irr, kzt, lkr, lyd, omr, pkr, qar, sar, ttd, twd, vef)

update 1.0.1 brought:

  • backspace at right, 0 moved to left
  • after backspace long click it erases all numbers
  • transation to Slovak (if phone is set to CS locale)
  • currencies are transformed even if you write on HW keyboard
  • fixed inverted rates
  • new icon


If you have something to say to me about application do so here.

Video (may be old)


Currency Converter plus - screenshot 1 Currency Converter plus - screenshot 2 Currency Converter plus - screenshot 3 Currency Converter plus - screenshot 4 Currency Converter plus - screenshot 5 Currency Converter plus - screenshot 6


Download from Android Market, search for "currency converter", developer (Rudolf Halmi), icon: currency converter icon

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